Our Journey To Love

The Journey of Peter Jan and Amanda in a long distance relationship. We are a couple since December 7th, 2011.

Guess what guys? I surprised him for his birthday! (I’m his birthday present) I’ll post the video of him coming home and finding me later!


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To the anon asking who Jason is…

I believe you were refereeing to the pictures I posted for my friends on TBT.

Jason was my childhood friend. He started out as my best friends brothers best friend. Back then I thought he was pretty strange but we ended up becoming closer over the years. We used to walk to school together. I was the first person he came to when his step father died. I was the one he always went to for advice on girls. We were in theatre together. Him, my high school boyfriend and I did everything together. We were the three musketeers.

Then high school graduation came, my boyfriend and I broke up and we all drifted apart. A few years later I went to fill up my tank before driving the hour and a half to school I drove every morning and there he was, working behind the counter. We hugged and I realized how much I missed him and we promised to hang out.

It never happened.

October 13th, 2007 he was hit by a train on his way to watch his friend get his new tattoo worked on. He had been following the tracks since they led directly downtown to where the shop was. He had been wearing his headphones, the train struck him from behind. That’s all we know.

Most of the pictures I have of him my ex boyfriend is in too which is why I blurred out the pictures. Focusing only on him. All my friends like seeing the pictures I have of him. Especially since after he passed I inherited all his pictures from theatre people have rarely seen.

Hope this answers your question :)


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Who's Jason?
ourjourneytolove ourjourneytolove Said:

He is my best friend lol, his real name is coen but we all call him jason because american people butcher his name lol
-Peter Jan
Edit: unless you mean the jason in the throwback picture, thats amanda’s old friend jason… People with same names are confusing >.>

I miss you the most at night. When everything is quiet and the silence reminds me that I’m not sleeping next to you.
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here’s the video from the flight i made on my birthday, and i just got Sony movie studio so i was able do do a nice edit (first time i used the program lol)