Our Journey To Love

The Journey of Peter Jan and Amanda in a long distance relationship. We are a couple since December 7th, 2011.


my second screen was breaking bad so i got a new one, now got 2x 24” 1920x1080 screens lol

My beautiful girl :)

- Peter Jan

Sometimes, you just gotta stop and smell the flowers. #selfie

Corbin picked me flowers <3

Playing in the sandbox.


was on my way home today and i felt like something special for dinner, so when i came home i told my mom she didn’t have to make dinner tonight and that we had to go to the store real quick and that i’d pay for the food

Peter looks funny with his 3D glasses on.

New coat.

One guess what I’m going to be for Halloween. :)

My little minion <3

My son has a big imagination and a boat load of creativity.

You guys make me so happy! I'm so looking forward to the day you tell us you're finally going to live together - I adore my boyfriend and I'm so lucky that we live in the same city and see each other every day, and I want that for you guys so badly. I hope you're both having a great day!
ourjourneytolove ourjourneytolove Said:

Thank you so much! We can not wait either… When it happens we are going to be celebrating and shouting it to the world!



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