Our Journey To Love

The Journey of Peter Jan and Amanda in a long distance relationship. We are a couple since December 7th, 2011.

On the train #tulsazoo

He’s gunna eat me! #zoorassic #tulsazoo

Seahorse :) #tulsazoo

Our new hats we bought to protect our faces from the sun #tulsazoo

#zoorassic #tulsazoo


Welcome to America, Peter :p


Asker Anonymous Asks:
No videos? More photos? I have questions :o
ourjourneytolove ourjourneytolove Said:

Lol sorry, we haven’t really made videos yet and the last few days were normal days where amanda had to work so not much to take pictures of, there’ll be more don’t worry, i’m not leaving any time soon yet

-Peter Jan

Picked up Corbin today! The boys are having fun making Theme Parks :) #RTC2

Back Home and relaxing. Watching some AGT.

He’s been a bad boy :p #hesgoingtogetpunishedtonight

Off to have an adventure!

#bassproshop #springfieldMO

Cave explorers :p