Our Journey To Love

The Journey of Peter Jan and Amanda in a long distance relationship. We are a couple since December 7th, 2011.

Someone ate my platypus :( lol - Peter Jan


Us at Zoorasic a few days ago #tulsazoo #zoorassic

This video would not post the other day but here is Corbin and Peter playing :)

Video from yesterday of Peter driving the Golf Cart.

Peter helping Corbin play his new Lego Batman Game :)

Yeeeee Ha!

Peter is driving the golf cart. Be afraid!

Being goofy in bed :p

Asker Anonymous Asks:
is learning dutch a requirement to live there? also, you never told us if Jason or whatever his real name was, was comfortable with explaining who Louise is xp
ourjourneytolove ourjourneytolove Said:

Learning dutch is indeed a requirement, and i asked jason but he never really answered it so thats probably a no, sorry.

-Peter Jan

Peter & Corbin playing together :) they so cute!

Only 40 more minutes and I can rush home.

Crazy storm. Worried about Peter at home because he is not used to this :/ I’m at work.

On the train #tulsazoo

He’s gunna eat me! #zoorassic #tulsazoo